Sunday, September 14, 2014

My big BooBoo

Hello quilty friends!
Over the next few weeks I will be adding older photos then I hope to have weekly posts. I just feel like my blog is empty right now and would love to share. I will start withhow I have so much free time right now..... At the present time, I am recovering from surgery on my foot. So, I am not in the quilting room, but sitting with my foot up.
On August 2, 2014 I had an accident with my rotary cutter...I was working on making a quilt and picked up my rotary cutter and clicked it open to use when I bumped the front edge of my table knocking it from my hand and down to the top of my bare foot....Severing the Extensor Tendon to my big toe. I had replaced the blade only days before so it was very sharp....mixed with bare feet...not good! I had just taken my shoes off not even 15 minutes earlier.
I will never sew barefoot again.

Surgery to reattach the tendon was 16 days ago and I can not put any weight on my foot for a minimum of 6 weeks then gradually start using my foot again.
We hear all the time to close our rotary cutter when not using but you never hear the dangers once it is open.
I have always been a "safe" quilter, making sure to close the rotary cutter when not using it, never occurred to me that I could possibly drop it...Duh!
I have bought a new rotary cutter that only exposes the blade when I squeeze the handle, hope that if I do drop it again that this feature will save me...and I will have shoes on for sure.
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Sadly, we've all learned a valuable lesson at your expense. Wishing you nothing but the best as you heal; take good care, follow your Dr.'s orders and you'll be back to quilting in no time!