Thursday, October 30, 2014

Little something old...Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt

Hello Quilty Friends!

It's been a while....but I have finally started working on customer quilts again.  Recovery from foot surgery is going good...I can stand for about 30 minutes at a time till the throbbing starts and I have to sit down.  I prefer to stand and quilt, so it is taking some getting used to, but at least I am getting to work.

I started back with an easy custom old Sun Bonnet Sue!
The lady who brought this quilt to me bought it at a garage sale for $10.... it is stained and old but she wanted it quilted.  She doesn't know who made it. But whoever did....did a very good job of the applique part, beautiful stitches. Some of the fabrics are damaged and weak from age and the lower corner is sun faded.

I only took three pics and I am sorry for that.

                           I am happy (and so is the customer) and I had fun quilting it....and that
                                                   my "quilty friends" is what it is all about!

Happy Quilting!

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