Friday, November 7, 2014

Gail's Quilt

Hello Quilty Friends!

Today I am sharing photos of my customer, Gail's quilt.  This quilt was originally started by Pam Whitaker and Gail Steppe finished it. Gail does not know the name of the pattern as she acquired this quilt top after Pam passed away.
If anyone knows the name and designer of this quilt pattern, please let me know and I will certainly add it to this post.
Gail gave this quilt to me just before my accident and had to wait....I assured her it would be finished before the date that she needed it done by.  I delivered it to her today and she was very pleased with the outcome and so was I...

My favorite type feather!  I don't use a circle template...I just quilt them....I work the stem part first

Then I start the fill in with the feather plumes.  I use the stem to sneak back to the next area to be quilted.

I even remembered to take lots of pictures too!
I am happy and (so was my customer).. had fun quilting it.....
and that, my "quilty firends" is what it is all about!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Amazing, Gina! Thanks for showing your feather method; you really are the queen of the feathers... you know that, right? This quilt is absolutely quilted to perfection; well done, my friend!

  2. It really turned out so pretty. Nicely done.